Honest Burgers ★★★★★

Nov 8, 2012

In addition to being absolute tourists, this past week Erica and I have been exploring a bit of London with our friends Matt and Lea. In a quest to find a great burger around here, we stumbled upon a place called Honest Burgers that isn’t too far from where we’re staying in Soho.

They have a really straightforward—honest—menu. A chicken burger, a beef burger (options for cheese or “Honest” with bacon, red onion relish, lettuce, cheddar, and pickles), and a fritter vegetarian burger sandwich thing.

A Honest beef burger with fries and a soda costs £10.5 (about $16.5) making it one of the more expensive meals I’ve written about.

An Honest Burger: beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce.

On a Sunday night, it seemed not too busy, though it is a rather small place so you might see a little wait before you can have a seat.

One bite into this burger and I was honestly amazed. It wasn’t anything fancy, it was just that they managed to do it exactly right. The meat was cooked perfectly medium rare. The relish was surprisingly amazing. The real English bacon was heavenly. It’s not a large burger, but I can say it was the perfect size.

The chips (french fries) were wonderful. Served beautifully with a rosemary salt which gave them a unique and very tasty flavor.

Having been away from America for the past week, I thought my opinion might’ve been easily swayed. Tonight, we visited Honest Burgers again. All four of us. Lo and behold, it was again amazing. Had to double check. Big fans all around, every single one of us enjoyed it.


  • cooked perfectly
  • tasty relish
  • rosemary salted chips


  • a bit pricy

Honest Burgers ★★★★★