Burgerville ★★★★

Oct 4, 2011

Earlier this year, I was visiting Oregon for a wedding. I found myself in a small town outside Portland with a burger joint people had been recommending I try: Burgerville. The staff was friendly, and the restaurant was themed more dinery than a modern fast food restaurant.

I’ve only visited Burgerville once, so I can’t say this is average, but there were exactly zero people in line. It didn’t have a stupid-simple menu like In-N-Out, but it most certainly wasn’t a typographic nightmare like Five Guys.

Though the name would make you think otherwise, Burgerville doesn’t just serve burgers. They serve chicken, turkey, fish, and salads too. In fact, they encourage a side salad instead of fries. But forget the fries and the salads because Burgerville has Walla Walla Onion Rings and that’s what you want.

I was hungry that day, so I ordered the Half Pound Colossal Cheeseburger (which was a bit much for my appetite), fries, a drink… and onion rings (just because I had to try them all). The burger I bought was $6, though the Double Beef Cheeseburger is $3.

A meal consisting of a double cheeseburger, fries, and a drink comes to around $7.

The Half Pound Colossal Cheeseburger and french fries.

The meal will come delivered to your table in a plastic basket. I dug right into my burger and noticed a unique flavor: Burgerville’s special sauce. It was mustardy and mayonnaisey. Honestly, I don’t like either mustard or mayonnaise, but something about this sauce was yummy.

Sweet, sweet Walla Walla Onion Rings.

Though the fries were pretty standard, the Walla Walla Onion Rings were truly amazing. Mouthwatering, even. It’ll confuse you when you go to order them though, because they come in two sizes with the smallest being “3.” Three? Just three onion rings? It sounds crazy, but they’re enormous. Huge. But they’re fresh and delicious and so obviously made right there in the restaurant.

If I lived around Portland, Burgerville would absolutely be my go-to burger joint. It has the character of In-N-Out but it’s so obviously different. The burgers taste great and they have a better side than fries: onion rings.

Also, I can’t go without mentioning Burgerville’s utterly incredible printed receipt. It’s not only gorgeous, but informative.


  • burger looks great
  • amazing onion rings
  • tasty special sauce
  • cheap


  • expected better fries

Burgerville ★★★★