Little Big Burger ★★★★

Oct 29, 2011

Last weekend I flew up to Portland to meet some friends. Right after I got in, we walked over to a place called Little Big Burger. Aptly named, these burgers are both little and big. They’re small round thick patties.

The menu is incredibly simplistic, almost more so than In-N-Out. The simplicity carries over to the Little Big Burger website, which should be an example to the world of the best restaurant website ever.

They have a cheeseburger, hamburger, veggie burger, french fries, sodas, and a rootbeer float. For their cheeseburger, you can choose between four kinds of cheese: Tillamook Cheddar, Swiss, Chèvre, or Bleu. Bacon is also available as an addition.

You’ll want to get two cheeseburgers because one isn’t enough. They’re $3.75 each, which is a little pricey for a burger of this size, so be sure to order a different cheese on your second one for a little variety.

Two cheeseburgers with fries and a drink comes to a total of $12.

Cheeseburger with Chèvre.

After placing your order and waiting around 5-10 minutes, they’ll hand you a brown paper bag to the likes of Five Guys. I’m not a fan of assuming to-go, but this place really can’t fit that many people inside. Burgers are wrapped in paper and the fries come in a small paper bag.

I don’t think I’ve ever had goat cheese but it was incredibly delicious on a burger. Besides the cheese, there’s lettuce, onion, and pickle. I should note that the burger patty is cooked medium and they mean it. It’s got lots of pink in the middle but it’s super yummy. I got Swiss cheese on the second though it didn’t stand out.

Cheeseburger with Swiss. Unfortunately, the taste of the Swiss was a little lost.

The fries are standard, nothing to write home about, but the ketchup is made in-house. It’s great. It has honey and Sriracha in it. A little sweet and a little spicy. Genius.


  • tasty burger
  • sweet and spicy ketchup
  • super simple menu


  • just-ok fries
  • a little pricey

Little Big Burger ★★★★