Metrovino ★★

Oct 30, 2011

To round out the burger-eating weekend, Neven took me to Metrovino. Metrovino is not a burger joint, just a nice restaurant and bar. Before you go, you should know that the burger is only available on the bar menu.

We went to go sit at the bar and ordered some drinks. After looking over the menu, it didn’t seem that the Cheeseburger came with fries. I asked and it doesn’t. I don’t quite understand how you can serve a burger without fries.

I ordered their tomato soup while I waited for the meal. The soup was great. I honestly could have eaten 8 bowls of it. But that’s not what I came here for.

The Cheeseburger costs $14.

The Cheeseburger had a much larger bun than the patties, which is a huge no-no.

The burger arrived a little later and it was not what I expected at all. I must have glanced over the doubleness of the burger on the menu, but that’s fine with me. What shocked me was that the bun was wider than the burger patties. It’s a damn shame because as I picked it up to eat, the burger patties slid around and I couldn’t get a first bite in with something other than just bread.

The fancy sauce was delicious and the burger was tasty too. However, it was incredibly difficult to eat. After a few bites, I went to set the burger down and noticed a huge pile of grease on my plate. I knew setting it down would mean the bottom bun soaking up all that grease. Ew.

Turns out that they serve a side arugula salad and a pickle spear in place of fries. The salad didn’t go with the burger at all. A salad is never an appropriate substitute for good fries.

Some claim it’s the best burger in Portland, but I respectfully disagree.


  • good fancy sauce


  • no fries
  • disproportionate sandwich
  • very greasy

Metrovino ★★