Nov 16, 2011

I noticed that a new location opened up for Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers on Market St, just around the corner from where I work. A bunch of us walked up there and got in line. The place uses lots of red and blue, and to be honest, it looks like a quality joint.

We arrived a little after noon, and there was a line of only about 4 people. That being said, the line was pretty confusing, as it wraps once in the restaurant, but there’s not enough space, so it looks just like a cluster of people.

The menu is pretty vast. They have Deluxe burgers, Mini burgers, Estancia burgers, Kobe burgers, Buffalo burgers… then they have some specials with teriyaki sauce or habanero or mushrooms or pesto… the list goes on. They also serve hot dogs, turkey, chicken, and veggie sandwiches as well. What delighted me the most was that they serve “Frings”, which is a combination of fries and onion rings. They also have Springs which are sweet potato fries coupled with onion rings. I cannot stress how much they have on their menu.

A Deluxe cheeseburger with fries and a drink will run you about $12.

Deluxe Burger with cheese and bacon.

After my name was called (we got it to-go), I received an unmarked paper bag inside of a generic “Thank You” plastic bag. It wasn’t branded, and the addition of the plastic bag was weird.

I took a few bites into the burger and noticed that it was kinda watery. The burger seemed juicy, but not flavorful. It just tasted pretty bland. There was no seasoning at all, just a burger patty. I also realized that they didn’t toast the bun either. The bun wasn’t great to start with, but because they didn’t toast the bun all of that wateriness soaked into the bun and make the whole sandwich moist and no-good.

The fries seemed over-fried. Like four times. They were definitely below-average. Too crisp and too crumbly. The onion rings were a disgrace. They fell apart and felt extremely cheap.

But that’s not all. As we were walking into the place, I saw a delivery man wheel in boxes of frozen fries. Boo.

All in all, it wasn’t a great experience. It wasn’t completely horrible. I’d have it again, but with Super Duper a few blocks away, I’d rather walk a little further to get something a lot better.


  • bacon was crispy


  • fries were overdone
  • no-good onion rings
  • burger was watery
  • untoasted bun