Shake Shack ★★★★★

Oct 5, 2011

I’ve only been to New York City twice, and the first time it was Winter and I was sick, so I didn’t get to try the Shack the first time around.

But my second trip to NYC this past summer was great and Shake Shack was among one of the only things I had on the must-do list. There are a few Shake Shack locations in the area, though I went to the Madison Square Park location. It’s only outdoor seating, but being a gorgeous day, it was more than okay. Park tables and seats fill the surrounding area of the silver shack building. Shake Shack is incredibly popular with a decent mix of both locals and tourists.

A note about the exterior of Shake Shack: they have great design sense. There are cute pictograms on their menu. And since I’m a total sucker for Neutraface, when I saw that they use it in metal around the building façade, it made me a little giddy.

Over sixty people waiting! At least you have time to look over their menu.

Shake Shack had a line of at least sixty people long by the time I jumped in it. I stood in line (New Yorkers read: on line) for about 20 minutes. Shake Shack has Burgers and Hot Dogs, Frozen Custard and Concretes, Sodas, Beer and Wine. Their burger options are a ShackBurger, a Hamburger, a Cheeseburger, a ‘Shroom Burger and a Shake Stack. Shake Shack also offers Cheese Fries which include not only American cheese, but Cheddar as well.

A Double ShackBurger, fries and a soda will cost you $13.

The ShackBurger and crinkle-cut fries.

After waiting as patient as possible for around 15 additional minutes, my order was called and I went to sit down. Each meal comes in cardboard box-baskets, ready to eat.

Shake Shack’s burger comes on a potato roll. It’s a glorious substitution for a run-of-the-mill hamburger bun. The patty was delicious, the Shack Sauce was super yummy. The toppings were fresh. It was brilliant. It was without a doubt the most amazing burger I’ve had. Ever. And the fries were awesome co-stars. I can’t recommend enough getting the cheese fries, though. Well worth the extra dollar.

It makes me so incredibly sad, however, that Shake Shack only has select locations on the East Coast (and Dubai), because everyone should be able to experience the deliciousness of this burger. So yummy.


  • yummy burger
  • shack sauce
  • great dessert
  • delicious cheese fries


  • pricey

Shake Shack ★★★★★