Steak ‘n Shake ★★★★

Dec 27, 2011

Whenever I travel, the first thing I lay out plans for is what I’m going to eat. When I travel to St. Louis, my list is usually pre-filled with places I can’t get in San Francisco on a normal basis such as Ted Drewes, Gus’ Pretzels, Imo’s Pizza and Steak ‘n Shake. While Steak ‘n Shake is a chain, it’s only available in the eastern United States.

Steak ‘n Shake serves Steakburgers, which are ground beef steaks. In addition, they also serve chili, chicken dishes, salads, and famous milk shakes. Steak ‘n Shake has an vast array of different shakes to choose from. There are seven classic shakes, ten specialty shakes (with candy and cookies), and side-by-side shakes which are two flavors poured into the same glass, side-by-side.

The Original Steakburger Double ‘n Cheese with fries and a drink will come to about $6. But since you’ll want a shake instead of a soda, it’ll be $7 total.

The Frisco Melt and fries with cheese.

Every Steak ‘n Shake I’ve ever been to is open 24 hours which is perfect for late-nite cravings. The wait during lunch rush might be only 10 minutes to be seated, but the food typically comes out pretty quickly anyway.

I usually get the Frisco Melt: two Steakburgers with American and Swiss cheeses on butter-grilled sourdough bread with Frisco sauce. It’s absolutely delicious and I ate it three times in the single week I’ve been in St. Louis. I love the shoestring fries too. They’re very thin and crispy, but also soft.

I’ve never had a Steakburger sandwich fall apart on me, the cheese and sauces usually keep it completely solidified together, which is both kind of gross and amazing.

The shakes are totally worth getting, though they are enormous. However, with a burger and fries in front of you, I’d suggest getting a “kiddie size” shake unless you’re really hungry.


  • tasty steakburgers
  • frisco melt
  • shakes
  • quick service
  • very cheap


  • greasy

Steak ‘n Shake ★★★★