Super Duper ★★★

Oct 6, 2011

Super Duper is relatively new to me as a new location opened up on Market Street, just a few blocks away from my apartment (and only a few blocks away from where I work) in San Francisco. The exterior would almost suggest it’s a Shake Shack with silver words around the awning frame, but once you walk in it’s obvious that its a whole different kind of place compared to Shake Shack. The interior kinda reminded me of Chipotle. It has a very similar vibe.

During lunch hours, Super Duper has a line that runs out the door. And considering it’s a long, narrow restaurant (and the counter is in the back), this is actually quite significant. On the plus side, they come around the line with a sample of fries and their special sauce, which helps ease the pain of a long wait.

They serve hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. In addition, there are vegetarian options, french fries, salads, shakes and ice cream. There are Super Burgers (8 oz) and Mini Burgers (4 oz).

A Super Burger with fries and a drink will come to $11.

Super Burger with Garlic Fries. Only 75¢ extra, what the hell.

When your name is called, your meal comes on a metal tray with a cute patterned paper lining.

Super Duper’s Super Burger is pretty super. It’s a juicy burger. Almost too much so. It’s incredibly greasy. Just holding it up in the air for a few seconds will allow it to drip all the grease off. In fact, the few times that I’ve eaten here have all been consistently messy. Though there’s a paper wrapping around the burger, the grease drips right off, sometimes taking toppings along with each bite. The fries however, are not quite super. They’re average. Overall though, it’s a damn good burger, and I’m glad it’s an extremely short distance from where I live and work.

The sorriest, pinkest, not-even-slightly-crispy bacon I've ever seen. Sad day, indeed. Unfortunately I'll skip the bacon here for now on.

Super Duper, grease aside, is really good. It doesn’t quite hit a home run, but it does have a unique taste of a homemade backyard burger right off the grill. If only the bacon was as good as Five Guys


  • super sauce
  • tasty burger
  • yummy shakes


  • not-crispy bacon
  • greasy burger
  • sometimes soggy bun
  • toppings fall out sometimes

Super Duper ★★★